Moving This Site

UPDATE : New Blog:


I’m gonna leave WordPress because it sucks. It randomly loses pictures or text after I hit publish. It even lost this post and it’s text only. So sad.

WordPress also doesn’t seem to support all picture file formats, which can also be a pain for me.

I will post a link to the new site when I find something suitable.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

-Octavia Dorchester



The following link is not the sort of topic I would normally blog about. I use this blog mostly for Second Life fashion and therefore I try to keep my “off-topic” posts to a minimum. But when I read this site, I just felt that I needed to link to it. I felt like it needed to be posted somewhere unexpected in the hopes that it would get more press than it has.

If what is submited on the following link is true, then Steubenville, Ohio, is rife with corruption and this news needs to get out to as many people as possible.

So to be clear, if you don’t care about Steubenville, Ohio or the corruption therein, don’t click on the link below. However, I would ask that you think about what corruption may, in fact, be hiding in your own home town/city. Because this article shows that the trust you  have in your town’s or city’s officials can be misplaced. We, the citizen, must be ever vigilant and stamp out corruption on every level.